Complete a Class List

Getting Ready

You’ll need a spreadsheet to start! Download the excel templates below or create your own spreadsheet with the following column headers: Teacher Name, Subject, Period, Enrollment, Predominant Grade, Random.

Classroom selection must be completed separately for middle and high school grades. Please note that these templates include examples of a correct class list and you will need to remove those rows before filling in your own.


Step 1: Choose a Required Class Period or Subject to Survey

By choosing a required period or subject, you will start with a pool of all students in all grade levels at your school. It is essential to start with a pool of all students so your selection and results will be representative of all students. One of the most common mistakes made when filling out a class list is choosing a subject and a period, for example, 3rd period Science. This is a mistake because you are not starting with a pool of all students and therefore will not end up with representative results.

Start by choosing a period (e.g., 3rd, 5th) when all students are in class or a mandatory subject that all students are required to take this semester (e.g., Science, English, Math).

Subjects such as P.E. or electives don’t work well for this purpose because they often are not required for all students in all grades and therefore you won’t be starting with a pool of all students.


Step 2: Fill in your Class List

Use the excel template to list all the classes in the chosen period (e.g., 3rd) or subject (e.g., Math), teacher name, subject or period, enrollment and predominant grade. The enrollment is the total number of students in each class, and the predominant grade should be the grade in which the majority of students are within that class. For example, if a class has fifteen 9th graders and seven 10th graders, the predominant grade will be "9" and the enrollment will be "22".

Step 3: Return your class list to us!

Please email your class list to Be sure to include your school's name for us! We will conduct a random classroom selection for you, and return the list of classrooms (via email) we have selected for you to survey in.

Reminder! Don't forget to complete your Survey Coordinator Registration Form in your Portal!