Survey Coordinator Materials

Thank you for being a Healthy Kids Colorado Survey Survey Coordinator! All materials that you need to have a successful administration can be found here. Please monitor your email closely the month leading up to your survey date/window. Our team will be sending out additional materials such as your school's unique survey link via email. Emails will come from Always reach out with questions!

Everything You'll Need for Administration

Follow these steps for a smooth and successful HKCS administration. Timing is important so mark your calendar to make sure materials go out to the appropriate people at the right time. 


If you have a school that has been randomly selected to administer the separate YRBS module in select classrooms please ensure you follow the additional instructions. You will know if your school has been selected in your Survey Coordinator Registration Form in the Portal. If you are not sure please refer back to the form or reach out to us via email. 

Complete the Survey Coordinator Registration Form

Go to the Portal and check your "Data Management Forms".  You should have received an email for how to access this form. Haven't received an email, or don't have a portal account? Email

Though this page has many of the materials you will need for administration please make sure you have completed this form first. It has important information for your specific school. The Portal will also be the platform we will use to share other information, reports, and resources so please make sure you set up an account!

Surveying in a few classes or the whole school?

Please refer back to your survey coordinator form in the Portal to see your school's options. If you are interested in administering the survey to a selection of your school rather than surveying all the students (census) please refer to the following materials. 

Communicate with families

First, download the school portfolio and share on your school's website or platform you use to communicate with parents/guardians. Feel free to modify the school portfolio to meet your school's needs, for example, adding information that you know is important to your school community. 


Use the email templates below to share parent/guardian consent letters and information with teachers at least 3 weeks prior to your survey date/window. 

If your are part of an "active consent" district please ensure that you share these materials with families at least a month prior to administration:

Coordinate with teachers 


Use these email templates to inform teachers of participation in the survey, and remind them to distribute (if applicable) and track the parent consent letters to students in their class.


HKCS ONLY: Use the email template below to remind teachers that the survey is coming up, share instructions, share the unique survey link emailed to you from

YRBS: Use the email template below to remind teachers that the survey is coming up and share instructions. Keep an eye out for your survey packet in the mail. 2-3 days before your survey date make sure the appropriate classrooms get their survey material envelope. If your school is also participating in HKCS, all other classrooms will receive the survey link, instructions and materials above.

If you are participating in both YRBS and HKCS and do no remember which classroom should get paper surveys please refer back to your class list emailed to your from our team. 


  • Be available for your teachers to reach out with any issues.

  • Call 303-724-8865  if you experience any technology issues with the survey.

  • YRBS CLASSROOMS: Collect sealed envelopes of paper surveys, and return completed surveys using the included return label.


HKCS ONLY: Downloadable teacher instructions - these are for schools participating in passive consent. If you are an active consent school you will receive materials separately.

YRBS: Downloadable teacher instructions - these are for classrooms selected as part of the extra YRBS module in schools participating in passive consent. If you are an active consent school you will receive materials separately. If you do not have YRBS classes please use the instructions under "HKCS ONLY". 

Additional Downloads