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2023 HKCS Resources

Thank you for your interest in the Healthy Kids Colorado Survey!
Please review the 2023 survey instruments linked here and consult with your district administration about which survey version will be offered in your district. Please note:

  • The high school and middle school surveys are different.

  • The PDF surveys posted here include all possible survey questions. The online survey uses skip logic to streamline the student survey experience, which means most students do not see all questions.

  • Each district will have the opportunity to review the locally selected final survey version before administration.

If you have questions, email

Please Note: If your district has already signed up to administer the HKCS, we will email your district-specific version of the survey before your survey date. Please use the version we email to share with parents, and not the documents linked below.

2023 HKCS Survey Instruments

  • High Schoolincludes all HS survey questions

  • High School Modifiedincludes all HS survey questions except the sexual health and consent/
    sexual violence questions


  • Middle School includes all MS survey questions but no 
    sexual health and consent/sexual violence questions


  • Custom Survey Applicationto make a district-specific
    request to add or remove a survey question


  • Optional Middle School Module (sexual health and consent/sexual violence questions) - may be added using the Custom Survey Application above

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