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Technical Assistance

Video Tutorials

Short videos that provide an overview of the main report types.

Note: the videos linked below occasionally reference the 2021 reports. In those instances, the information remains the same for 2023.

The School & Youth Survey Team at the Colorado School of Public Health
provides custom support for local communities to help them understand and use
their Healthy Kids Colorado Survey and Smart Source data.

The type of technical assistance provided varies widely, so we customize support to meet local requests, and refer to other statewide or regional technical assistance providers when needed.

Examples of technical assistance include:

  • answering questions about reports

  • supporting local presentations

  • creating presentations for local and regional groups

  • providing conference workshops and presentations

  • strategizing about building support for the surveys within local communities.

Because we provide custom support, the list above is not exhaustive.  If you

have an idea about how we can assist your community to use your survey data,

we would love to hear from you!

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